• Polypropylene Sinks (Drop-in )- Black in color, made up of High Density of Elastic poly propylene;are corrosion free, inactive to almost all chemicals, and have a very long life; provided along with all fittings & accessories.Availabe in 3 different Sizes, L-600 x W-450 mm, L-560 x D-355 mm and L-340 x D-340 mm
  • S. S. Sink – Stainless Steel Sinks of very high quality is offered as per requirement.
  • Ceramic Sinks – Suitable for Acids and Alkalies
  • Granite Sinks – Aesthetically very appealing and resistant to most chemicals. Premium Grade. Available in many colors.


  • SWAN 3 waygoose neck water tap with 2 fixed bib taps & 1 tap with swivel spout bench mounting. Made from Brass Forging and Epoxy Powder Coated .
  • One Way with Swivel Spout Bench Mounting. Made from Brass Forging and Epoxy Powder Coated.
  • C.P. Swan Neck, Three Way Water Tap. Two Fixed Faucets and one swivel type.

Peg Boards

  • S.S. Peg Boards with Tray area available with 24 / 28 / 33 Nos. of Pegs
  • Acrylic Peg Boards with S.S. Tray with 18/23/30/33 Nos. of Pegs

Eye Wash & Safety Shower

  • 2-Way Eye Wash for Instant Safety of Eyes
  • One Way Eye Wash
  • S.S. Safety Shower with Eye-Wash
  • GI Safety Shower with Eye-Wash/li>

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers are the best Laboratory hand portable fire extinguishers. These have been tested and approved for Class F specially for Laboratory hazards.

Also Available: Gas Valves-One Way/Two Way/Four Way, Spot Extractors, PP Moulded Trays for placing above Storage shelves, etc.

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