Anti-Vibration Tables (AVT)

Ergonomically styled, the AVT offers a solid and stable surface specifically for vibration free requirement during measurement. When used in tandem with a balance, the table allows the balance to perform with marked precision, despite air currents or movements that might cause readings to fluctuate.

Our AVTs offer excellent protection from vibrations and oscillations, which would otherwise distort the weighing result. Solid framed base can be levelled easily, along with Polished granite slab that provides solid support, and combined with specially designed rubber vibration reducing pads, it makes for an anti vibration table that gives user the vibration relief needed for precision

The table comprises two separate parts: An internal working surface consisting of a thick granite slab mounted on adjustable rubber shock absorbing mounts along with Heavy duty Scew Supported Mounts having Rotational Axis. All our tables are manufactured with rugged construction for durability, easy setup, adjustable levelling feet to compensate for uneven floors, and scratch proof top granite slab to prevent surface damage.

Customized dimensions – Standard Sizes of AVTs offered are L-900xW-600xH-900, L-600xW-600xW-900 mm and L-1200 x W- 600 x H-900mm. However, customized sizes may also be offered on request.

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