Application Areas

Institutional / Research & Industrial Labs –

  • Modular Labs are among the basic requirements of any Food / Pharmaceutical / Pesticide / Research / Chemical / Medical / Bio-tech / Microbiology kind of Industry / Institutions / R&D Centre. All kinds of various components of Modular Lab Furniture, like Storage Boxes, Leg Spaces, Slim Drawers, Sink Boxes, Regent Racks, Corner Storages, S.S. / P.P. Sinks, 3-Way Swan Neck Tap, Peg Boards, Eye Washers, Safety Shower with Eye Wash, Spot Extractor, Overhead Storages, Fume Hoods, Chemical Storage Racks, etc. along with GRANITE tops are used in these Labs, depending on requirements and space availability.

Educational Institutions Labs

  • Chemistry Lab – In Chemistry Laboratory, work tables with Sink & Regent Racks are recommended. Various types of chemicals, powders, reagents, etc. are required at the time of practicals, so these need to be placed at an accessible distance. Extra stand-alone storage in Powder Coating or S.S. may also be placed for storage of extra materials if so desired. Gas Piping & ‘FUME HOOD’ are also a necessary part of a well laid out ‘Chemistry Lab’. Fume Hood of basic Bench type are recommended for educational chemistry labs.
  • Physics Lab – A Physics Laboratory has more use of instruments, thereby, making the requirement of adequate power an important stipulation along with Storage. Electrical Power provision, with the use of Electrical Trunking along with suitable Switch-Sockets is provided on the top itself. Moreover, as there are lots of instruments used in these labs, extra stand-alone storages are also recommended.
  • Biology Lab – In a Biology Lab, a Small Regent Racks along with a Sink is recommended on the working Table as cleaning is an essential part of the laboratory work. Also, emphasis is given on Large Storages Spaces in Biology Labs so as to store charts etc. Drawer storage units are also offered for a more systemized storage management.

Composite Lab – Composite Lab is primarily a combination of all three kinds of Labs, viz. Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab and a Biology Lab. It may have three kinds of different tables, each suitable for different kind of Lab or a bigger table fulfilling requirements of all three types of Laboratories.


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