Cleantec ‘C’ Frame System

Space Design Labs offer an easy to clean, a Modern ‘C’ Frame System Lab Furniture, that is based on a Cantilever Systems and is internationally most widely accepted, at a very ECONOMICAL PRICE.

‘C’ Frame is constructed using a 60 mm x 30 mm rectangular pipe, which is usually 2 mm thick. The Frame does not have any front vertical legs, which provides a much orderly look. It comes with a leveler at the bottom, so that unevenness of any floor can be ironed out. Frames are offered in both standing height (900 mm) and sitting height (750 mm), as per the requirement of user. Horizontal Connecting Rods are removable and can be constructed in any width according to preference. Back Panels are removable and are used to cover the utility lines going on the back. They can be easily removed to approach the service area for maintenance.

Advantage “C” Frame

  • All the Storage boxes are hung above the ground, keeping all the ground clear, so not only Looks and aesthetics are great but also makes every-day cleaning a very easy task.
  • “C” Frame System has a much longer life. Since all the load of granite and instruments placed on top is borne by the “C” Frame Structure, and storage boxes being hung, keep on functioning smoothly for a much longer duration.
  • Boxes can be very easily realigned and shifted, even much later after installation, making them more modular and versatile. Add to this – Our customer centric approach – even if at the time of installation, we are asked to alter the layout, (provided possible with available material), we do it happily, in order to get the maximum usage of the Laboratory and convenience of user.
  • Our ‘C’ Frame structure is very unique in a way, it has 3 prongs extruded on backside, that it itself creates a service line support stand and gives full support at 2 levels to all the utility lines running behind the Tables
  • Chemical drop and its splash doesn’t affect the storages much as they are 180 mm above the ground level.
  • All our joinery Hardware is of SS-304 Bolting systems, ensuring high strength and longer life of the complete system.
  • Back Cover Panels of Open Spaces (i.e. Leg Space) are easily openable, with the push of a button for easy maintenance of back utility area.

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