Sleek System

This modern and elegant-looking Lab Furniture systems, is not only visually attractive, but also gives an immaculate look to the Laboratory. The whole Furniture stands on adjustable and heavy duty PP Legs, which are covered (Wrapped Around) with 150 mm High PVC Skirting. However, for maintenance purpose, this skirting is easily removable and can be re-fixed on hooks provided on the legs.

Advantage “Sleek” System (PP Leg based)

  • Very elegant looking system, looks very pleasing, and classy.
  • PVC skirting works as Plinth of the Storage, so leaving no open spaces available under the storages, so allows comfortable, spill-resistant cleaning due to the gaps being closed at ground level.
  • One major advantages provided by the system include avoidance of any falling object moving under the Laboratory Table
  • Back Cover Panels of Open Spaces (i.e. Leg Space) are easily openable, with unscrewing the bolts for easy maintenance of back utility area.
  • All our joinery Hardware is of SS-304 Bolting systems, ensuring high strength and longer life of the complete system.

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