GEOVENT Spot Extractors (Local Spot Extraction Arms)

GEOVENT – PERMA ARM for spot extraction.

The PERMA arm is suitable for use at laboratories / hospitals & food manufacturing industries, hairdressers, dental clinics, jewellers, pharmacies, veterinarians, podiatrists, schools, etc. In addition, the suction arm is suitable for the electronics industry (ESD approved), as well as for the chemicals, plastics and engineering industries. The PERMA arm consists of a standard Aluminium tube with two moulded plastic (POM) joints. Equipped with removable black plastic covers for easy cleaning.


The flexible, self-supporting construction consists of 2 or 3 parts Aluminium tubes, bracket for mounting and a large selection of accessories. The key element of the program is the patented suspension system for spiral pipe and the cleaning friendly arm joints. The joint can increase efficiency by approximately 25% compared to comparable arms on the market. The system is even flexible and easy to install.


  • Standard Aluminium tube with three moulded plastic joints
  • Aluminium Arm offers sturdiness and smooth flow of fumes
  • Amooth movement of joints
  • Easily mountable from Ceiling / Wall
  • Ceiling Mounting Brackets available in different lengths as per site requirement

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