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Design and Build

Meeting cGMP and cGLP standards our creative and technically sound designers strive to design the best laboratory environment for you. We undertake complete design and build solution for your space.

Turnkey Projects

An extensive team of researchers, architects, interior designers & engineers provide solutions using the latest technology, taking care of all aspects of Designing, Interiors, Furniture.

Laboratory Gas Distribution System (LGDS)

A network of gas supply pipelines and components designed to deliver various gases safely and efficiently to different laboratory instruments and equipment.

Annual Maintainence Contract (AMC)

With our experience, we are able to offer AMC for laboratory furniture and fume hoods that is a very critical aspect, to ensure their optimal performance

Some Common Myths about Science Labs

Reality: Lab design should be viewed as an ongoing process. As research needs and technologies change, lab designs may need to be updated or modified to accommodate new requirements. Also care should be take to ascertain that the furniture is future ready, flexible and adaptable and designs are such that they can accommodate upcoming advancements without major modifications. Use of Modular Furniture from a reputed supplier also helps in getting the same finish, aesthetics and finish as in the existing furniture in need of an expansion

Reality: Although having adequate storage is important in any Lab, but excessive storage can lead to clutter and the accumulation of unnecessary chemicals or equipment. Proper inventory management and regular disposal of expired or unneeded chemicals are crucial to maintain lab safety. Combination of counter underneath storages and open leg spaces are not only cost effective and better functioning, but also facilitate better airflow in the lab. Proper air circulation is essential for maintaining air quality and effectively removing fumes and chemical vapours, especially in labs where hazardous materials are handled. Open leg spaces ensure that lab utilities, such as electrical outlets, gas lines, and plumbing, are easily accessible for maintenance and upgrades. This accessibility contributes to the lab's functionality and adaptability.

Reality: While larger labs can accommodate more students and equipment, lab effectiveness is not solely determined by size. Proper layout and organization can optimize space utilization in smaller labs, creating efficient and functional learning environments. Larger labs may present unique safety challenges, such as managing a larger number of students or maintaining adequate supervision. Smaller labs can sometimes provide a more controlled environment for safe experimentation.




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