CAV (Constant Air Volume) – Manual Sash Operated

      This Constant Air Volume (CAV) benchtop fume hood is a type of fume hood that maintains a constant volume of air being exhausted from the hood, regardless of the sash position, and is placed either on the counter or above storages. It ensures a consistent airflow to effectively capture and remove hazardous fumes, vapours, dust particles and aerosols, promoting safety and efficiency in laboratory settings.

      Bench Top Fume hoods

      Advantages and Key features :

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      VAV (Variable Air Volume) Fume Hoods

      The variable air volume (VAV) system, as the name implies, apart from all regular functions and features of CAV System, have extra controls that vary the airflow depending on the position of the sash but keep the face velocity constant. These fume hoods employ a movable damper in the ductwork to achieve a consistent face velocity by adjusting the airflow. Since, numerous fume cupboard ventilation systems operate as full fresh air types, a substantial amount of energy is often wasted when these fume cupboards are idle.

      This type of system, which can be fitted as part of a new installation or retrofitted to any existing laboratory, has several significant benefits.

      Energy efficiency – With a VAV system in place, fume cupboards operate at minimal exhaust volumes when the sash is closed, ensuring that energy usage is highly responsive to user needs. The actual savings vary based on user behaviour, but, in general, the less the hoods are open (both in terms of height and duration), the more substantial the energy savings.

      Carbon emissions reduced

      Cost saving – Although VAV systems may involve higher initial costs compared to CAV systems, real-world experience shows that customers who install VAV controllers can achieve up to an 80% reduction in energy costs. This efficiency translates to a rapid return on investment, making the initial costs quickly offset by the energy savings.

      Comfort – A VAV system does not affect the temperature of the lab, leading to more comfort

      Improved safety – Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems offer enhanced protection for Laboratory occupants against potentially hazardous fumes and substances, aiding in compliance with pertinent health and safety regulations.

      Bench Top Fume hoods with Auto Sash Controller – for substantial energy savings

      It’s the same Constant Air Volume (CAV) or Variable Air Volume (VAV) benchtop fume hood but with our own indigenous Auto Sash Controller. It’s ability to combine safety, energy efficiency, and user convenience by automating the closure of the fume cupboard sash when the operator is absent and offering manual control options for flexibility during active work makes it a very popular choice.

      Key Functionalities-

      Automated Sash Closure: The controller utilizes a sensor to monitor the space in front of the fume cupboard. If it detects no movement for a default period of 30 seconds (though users can customize this time setting), and the workspace is clear, the controller autonomously triggers the closure of the sash.

      Manual Operation Options: While the auto sash controller handles automated closure, operators have the flexibility to manually operate the sash. This can be accomplished through the optional Membrane Key pad HMI.

      Optional Auto Open Feature: The system may include an optional auto open feature, allowing the fume cupboard to automatically open when an operator is detected in front of it. This enhances convenience and streamlines the workflow by anticipating the operator’s needs.

      Flexibility: While initially it was designed for VAV fume cupboards, but this system is so versatile, energy saver and convenient to use, that it’s gaining popularity in CAV fume cupboards also, enhancing overall safety. It is adaptable for both new installations and retrofitting onto existing fume cupboards.

      Options, Supplies & Accessories


      Sizes Available,
      Standard Height 2400 mm, Depth 900 / 1050 mm

      Counter Tops

      Base Storages

      Inner Liners/Baffles

      Sash Arrangement

      Extra Options, available on demand

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